Monday, December 26, 2011

Christmas Articles

I have written a number of Christmas and holiday related hubs lately on Hubpages and just wanted to share them all in one place!  I cover a number of aspects about the holidays from appetizers, to gifts, to movies and even photos.  

If you are looking for a healthy appetizer for a holiday get together, or even just a healthy snack try my recipe for stuffed celery.  A Healthy Holiday Appetizer: Stuffed Celery  

If you are low on cash but still looking for some ways to decorate this holiday season read my article on Holidays and a Recession: Low Budget Christmas Decorations  

Now that you have food and decorations taken care of, you need some gifts.  Instead of giving the usual high tech gift or a gift card why not try something a little more meaningful?  Why not Give a Gift of Nostalgia this Holiday Season!  

When wrapping those gifts from the past why don't you put on some great Christmas movies, find one from any category, comedy, drama from my list of The Best Christmas Movies by Category  

Finally don't forget to enjoy the season and taken in every moment you can check out some of my cool photos from Christmases past with Christmas Memories through Photos.

Friday, December 23, 2011

Find New Freedom With A Jogging Stroller

As a new parent, I found I had very little time to do much other than work, eat and deal with whatever sleep I could fit in. Our first little baby was really not very difficult looking back. But after the third in 5 years it's easy to say that. What I learned from the experience is that jogging is the first thing to go when you are sleep deprive and stressed out.

Jogging Strollers Can Bring Fitness Back

Let me share something with you. Although fitness is the first thing to go when we don't have time it should not be. We should all find time to exercise not matter what. I hear you laughing. It's also incredibly difficult when they are in the 6 month old range to either take them to the gym or jogging or anywhere else fitness related. Sure, some places have a daycare, but it's usually expensive.

A Jogging Stroller Is A Good Fitness Investment

Here's the solution. If you have a little one and you want to get out jogging, then buy a jogging stroller. It's a one time investment. Baby sitting is ongoing and can very quickly add up. A jogging stroller is a couple of hundred bucks. Mine was a little under three hundred for the single stroller I bought. Daycare at the gym can add up to much more than that in a few months.

A jogging stroller gives you an immense amount of freedom. Once your little one is able to sit up on their own, you can load them into your jogger without worry. You can then strap them in and hit the pavement.

You Can Regain Your Freedom And Your Shape

The first thing you lose when you stop jogging or exercising is your chiseled tone. When you are jogging daily, your muscles and skin keep taught and tight. After a few days of stopping, you find that you muscles don't swell after your workout. They start to adapt to your more sedentary routine. When your muscles are being worked, your skin doesn't stay as tight either.

You may also find you start to become fatigued more easily and lose energy. The path back to fitness and your shapely self is through your normal jogging routine. And the path back to your jogging routine with your little one is through a jogging stroller.

Sunday, December 11, 2011

Black Friday, this is from community carnival to me-first melee

Examples of people cocooning themselves more over the past 20 years are too numerous to list. But one apparent counter-example is Black Friday -- even if only for a day, aren't people out-and-about, strengthening social bonds by buying gifts for others?

For awhile I didn't have too good of a feel for what this day has been about. I've avoided shopping on Black Friday for a very long time because I sensed that it was degenerate, totally unlike the mall during Christmastime in the '80s when it felt more like a carnival, everyone feeding and feeding off of each other's high spirits. After a little reflection and a look through newspaper articles from the '90s through today, it turns out not to be a counter-example at all.

The vague image we're given in the media, or that we invent ourselves, is of people who are so intent on buying so many presents for so many people, that they can't get in the doors early enough or behave themselves well enough. The competition to get the best gifts for others has just become too chaotic.

In reality, hardly anyone goes out on this day to buy gifts for other people; at best it's an after-thought or rationalization. Rather, buying a handful of things for others has become an excuse to buy stuff for themselves at deals that will never show up the rest of the year. Estimates from the 2000s were that anywhere between 50-75% of people were buying things for themselves while Christmas shopping, and that the average person's self-indulgence accounted for nearly one-quarter of all dollars they spent (around $150 out of $650 total).

The first references to this practice of Christmastime "self-gifting" (how's that for Newspeak?) appear in 1993. This is right as the crime rate is turning around, causing society to shift from the tragic-romantic side of the spectrum to the trivial-efficient side. Already by the early 2000s, this gradual change has moved far enough so that newspapers regularly comment on the self-centeredness of Black Friday shoppers.

Saturday, December 10, 2011

What To Expect From Teeth Whitening Treatments

Teeth whitening services are becoming increasingly popular but there are still a number of myths surrounding the subject that need to be dispelled.

The first issue that many dental patients are concerned about is whether undergoing a whitening procedure will damage their tooth enamel and this is not true when the treatment is performed properly by professional dentists.

Trustworthy dentists will use safe levels of hydrogen peroxide to assist the whitening process because the chemical solution is the active ingredient in the gel which is applied to the teeth.

The use of hydrogen peroxide makes many people wonder whether teeth whitening is indeed safe or not and this is where it is appropriate to only trust dentists to perform the procedure.

Dentists will make certain that the hydrogen peroxide contained within the whitening gel is safely applied and not overtly exposed to the patient's gums or soft tissue of the mouth or lips.

Many people also wonder whether all teeth whitening gel is the same but this is not the case because there are some solutions which are available over the internet or in shops which contain varying levels of hydrogen peroxide.

Teeth whitening gel which contains a negligible amount of hydrogen peroxide will not produce noticeable results while if the levels of the chemical are too high, this can be potentially dangerous for the patient.

In order to make certain that your teeth whitening gel contains the correct level of hydrogen peroxide, it is important to have the procedure performed by a qualified dentist.

One of the main mistakes that people often make is that they expect that all teeth whitening results will be the same and every recipient will leave the dental practice with an identikit Hollywood smile but unfortunately this is not always the case.

Some people have unrealistic expectations when it comes to teeth whitening but the results often vary between each patient because there are a number of variables to take into consideration.

Results are often affected by the original condition of the teeth as an extremely stained smile which has been weathered by years of red wine and nicotine is unlikely to be shining bright after just one treatment.

Every person's smile is different thanks to the mineral composition contained within their individual teeth so the results are often dependent on genetics and some people are generally unlucky when it comes to their genes.

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Lymphedema Pumps

What is Lymphedema?

Lymphedema is a condition whereby the lymph fluid accumulates in the tissue or in the cavities of the body. Lymphedema normally takes place due to a blockage of some type that impedes the normal flow of lymphatic fluids. Lymphedema may be categorized in two ways, primary and secondary lymphedema.

The reasons for primary lymphedema are quite often unknown since there is no proven and specific etiology in most cases. The causative agents in secondary lymphedema can be multiple and diverse. It may be caused by removal of lymph channels by a specific disease process, or by a defect which was present at birth.

Without treatment, lymphedema can cause multiple other problems that must be resolved. Lymphedema can be problematic, often creating open areas or ulcerations on the body, or may preclude walking well due to swelling of the affected parts. Treatment is indicated when the swelling reaches a point that is causes discomfort or undesirably affects the body in some way, or as a preventive measure to preclude those effects.

What are Your Treatment Options for Lymphedema?

Treatment of lymphedema may take many forms. It can include compression hose, may require bandaging, or other means of compression. Medications may be used to help you to manage your lymphedema. It may even, in some very rare cases, be treated surgically.

The typical treatment will begin with oral medications, in combination with compression garments that will sometimes be effective in managing less severe cases of lymphedema. If those measures are not successful, more aggressive treatment of the condition will become necessary.

Most often, the treatment for lymphedema when other, lesser measures have failed will be the use of a lymphedema pump.

How Do Lymphedema Pumps Work?

Lymphedema can be managed quite well in many cases by the use of lymphedema pumps. They use as a methodology, the compression of the affected area. This is done by compressed air which is piped into a device which fits over the affected area. The rationale for the treatment is to push the edema into the more central area of the body where it may be uptaken by the lymph system.

In most cases, the device which is used on the body, known as a cuff, will be shaped as the arm or leg. Compressed air enters the cuff and puts pressure on the area. The compressed air may be used in one or two ways, depending on the device. In some lymphedema pumps, the pressure is constant and standard in every area on which the cuff lies. In other varieties of lymphedema pumps, the pressure on the affected area will be intermittent.

Saturday, November 12, 2011

Meditatd in Motion Through Walking Meditation

What is walking meditation? Did you think meditation was just sitting and trying not to think thoughts? When you tried to sit and meditate you couldn't stop thinking. Of course there are different types of meditation but you can meditate even when you are in motion and think while you are doing it. Walking Meditation is focusing your attention on each movement you make as you walk. Let's review three reasons why to try Walking Meditation.

First, Walking Meditation makes you more mindful of what you are doing. You start to watch as you make each slight movement of your foot and touching it down. Then you pause to reflect on how you are doing it. Then you take another step and observe it in process. It sounds simple enough. Not really but worth a try. As you continue to break down each part of each step you may start to notice you sway more to the left or the right. You are slowing each part of a motion down. By paying attention to each micro-movement of what you have learned to take for granted you start to feel more.

Second, it is a way to focus your thoughts on each part of each step. Focusing your mind on your body can bring you back into the moment. Being in the moment can help you to be more aware of how your body and mind connect. Twenty steps later you become more present. Even though being present is not so bad it may be a little different at first.

Third, while you are drawing your attention to each repetition of each movement you find it harder to be distracted. You feel your body more and your concentration improves. Being more alert can help lead you to faster reactions.

Even though Walking Meditation can calm your mind, you most likely will find that it draws your attention to a few problem areas in your body. If you truly listen to what those problem areas are trying to tell you, you can extract clues from them and discover solutions before problems worsen. A little prevention before a problem becomes a disease can even save you time and energy invested in medical treatment. Or if you have an illness it can help you to manage your reactions to it. Give you back more control over your body and health.

Each person is different. What you find out for yourself may lead you in a different direction than another person. Self-awareness is about the individual but you can share your experience with confidants in your life. In the end, Walking Meditation is a tool for you to use to look deeper into yourself, manage stress, and be more present today. After you've practiced enough you can rely on it and use it anytime.

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Kitchen Tips To Support Your Pilates Lifestyle

The kitchen plays a big part in the quality of your Pilates performance. As Joseph Pilates kindly informed us, good nutrition is of great importance to physical fitness. So I'm going to share with you now some kitchen tips that will help you reach your goals of energy, inspiration and relaxation that are involved in peak physical fitness.

Food Mixer. 
What better way to start the day then with a health giving smoothie. Packed with protein, vitamins, fibre and carbohydrates, you will be well set up to start your Pilates session. You can prepare all of the ingredients the night before by adding any dry ingredients such as nuts or protein powder to your blender. Then in the morning, just slice up your fruit, add your yoghurt, milk or soya milk and give it a whiz. Commercial smoothies can contain extra empty calories with hidden sugar. You'll have complete control over what your consuming by making your own blends and you can even get a little creative and imaginative too.

It might not sound much like a healthy Pilates prop, but a wok can do wonders for your health. You can use it to prepare your workday lunch the night before, instead of being compelled to order a greasy pizza or calorie laden fast food luncheon. An example of a wok lunch is to add some olive oil to your wok, heat it up and add onions and garlic. Stir until browned and then remove and toss some carrot, cabbage and mushrooms in. Stir fry for a few minutes, add some tofu cubes then cover and steam for a minute. Add the onions and garlic back into the mix, add some sesame seeds or some nuts. Throwing in dark leafy greens will boost your vitamin C and A consumption as well as up your intake of iron and fibre. All good habits for protecting against cancer and Alzheimer's.

Hand blender 
You should be eating healthily every day and keeping your body topped up with vitamins and minerals. It's easy to do if you plan in advance. One of the approaches that you can take is to use yesterday's leftovers as the base for a healthy soup. Throw in extra sliced onion, crushed garlic, some dried herbs and tinned tomatoes. A can of kidney beans can make a convenient and low-cost healthy addition. Then season to taste and whiz your hand blender to result in a delicious home-made soup full of all the good stuff that you need to perform well at your class. You could take this to work with you and heat it in the office microwave or use a flask to keep it warm until you are ready.

Pilates could be considered a way of life as so much focus is put onto the well-being of the body, spirit and mind that you will find yourself putting more consideration into your diet and healthy habits.

Friday, September 16, 2011

Articles on Bullying

This article is about a recent law concerning bullying. This law makes it so teachers have to handle bullying. This law also makes what is considered bullying too broad. An example is that a student told another student he had cooties. The child was reported for what he said. A psychotherapist named Israel Kalman talks about why holding teachers responsible for handling bullying is wrong. The reason having a teacher handle bullying is bad is because kids won’t bully others in front of a teacher.
     I agree with what Israel Kalman said. Kids won’t bully each other in front of a teacher. Also, it is hard to catch a bully actually bullying someone. A recent study shows that bullying incidents happens in around 37 seconds. I agree with what Israel Kalman. Israel said that implying a lot of laws on bullying is not effective. What would be more effective is what Israel mentioned. Israel talked about teaching children social skills to prevent bullying instead. It is better to teach someone to prevent something than to protect them from it.

This article is about cyber bullying. This is about a new law that was past. This law made schools intervene with cyber bullying. This law also requires schools to report bullies. But this law also has a problem to it. The law is very vague and broad. What has to be reported is not very specific. The problem is that the law might violate the First Amendment. The First Amendment guarantees freedom of speech, which allows someone to say whatever they want to say. This law restricts what someone can say. 
     This law could be useful. It gives schools power to stop bullying. This law could put a stop to cyber bullying. Now, in a time where social networking sites, it is important that the Internet is safe. In the news, there have been reports of people committing suicide because of what someone said about them online. Know with this new law for schools, the Internet can be a safe place for students. This law can help make schools a better place. With these new policies, bullying could possibly be stopped.

Saturday, September 10, 2011

Effective Ways to Stop Being Tired

Have you always wanted to get rid of fatigue? Are you always feeling sluggish even after a meal or after waking up? Tiredness may seem to be something that is very difficult to get rid of. You do not have to fret so much. If you know what is causing your tiredness, you can definitely get rid of it by getting rid of the cause! Listed below are some of the things that may be causing your tiredness and how you can deal with them.

The first reason is having too much caffeine in the body. Coffee is a very common drink around the world. People love it not only because of its good taste but also because of its stimulating effect to the body. Once you drink coffee, you can quickly feel that your energy has become higher. You can also notice that your alertness has also improved. Coffee is not a bad drink. However, if you drink too much, this may lead to fatigue. The thing about coffee is that when you start drinking it in high dosages, the effects wear off and you become more tolerant to caffeine. If you like coffee, try to drink it moderately. Gradually lessen the amount of coffee you drink everyday and go for healthier choices such as green tea.

The second reason is having too much sugar in the blood. Diabetes is a widely spread disease in the world today. It is usually characterized by being always tired and sleep. It is caused by having too high sugar level in the blood. When there is too much sugar in the blood, the cells become overloaded and as a result, sugar is not converted to energy. Rather, it is just stored in the body. Therefore, even if you eat your meals regularly, you still feel sluggish because the sugar is not being converted to energy. If you are not sure what is causing your tiredness, go to your doctor and request for a blood check. If you are already suffering from diabetes, you can have treatments like insulin therapy or you can just change your lifestyle to a healthier one by incorporating exercise and healthy foods in your diet.

The third reason is having too little water in the body. Dehydration is another cause of tiredness. You may be working out every day but your energy level is still slow. You may have a very healthy diet but you still do not feel like you are getting enough energy. The reason may be the lack of water in your body. When the body is dehydrated, the body processes become slower. This is because the blood becomes thick and it is more difficult for the blood cells to travel through the tiny blood vessels. The solution is simple. Drink plenty of water during the day. Start in the morning by drinking water right after getting out of the bed. Always hydrate yourself when you are working out as well. Drink water when you are eating your meal. You must at least consume 8 glasses of water in a day or more. Try maintaining a hydrated body and you will be surprised of the great results.

Saturday, September 3, 2011

3 Proven Ways To Reduce And Eliminate Excessive Sweating

Underarm sweating can be such an embarrassing issue to have. Often times we forgo doing certain things because we fear we may sweat profusely or have an unusual body odor stemming from our excessive sweating. In this article I'll discuss two things you can do immediately that will remedy your sweat and odor issues as well as provide one long term, more permanent solution. If you implement these today, you will find yourself much less concerned with your "problem" and find yourself enjoying the smaller things throughout your day.

Underarm Pads and Clothing: 
Trying to stop underarm sweating can take a little time, however, there are certain things you can do today to prevent sweat from ruining your day. Underarm pads are a great choice because they are very effective at absorbing wetness and odors, they conceal very well and they can also be some of the most economical options on the market. There are many vendors, so finding them shouldn't be a challenge. These include Kleinert's, Braza and Sweatex just to name a few.

As another alternative, you can also choose to buy sweat free undershirts. These are great and convenient because you can wear them under your button up work shirts or women can wear the smaller, more sleek camisoles. These are made of a special material that absorb moisture and eliminate any odors. There are several manufacturers of these sweat proof undershirts including Kleinert's, Advadri, Sweatshield and one of my favorites Silverback Apparel.

Medicated Deodorant: 
Having an effective deodorant is necessary to prevent and stop underarm sweating. If you sweat profusely, you don't want to use a non-medicated deodorant because they use fragrances to try to mask sweat odors. Often times they are masked with floral fragrances that people are allergic to, both superficially on your skin and internally through your nose.

Medicated deodorants attack this issue from a different angle. They stop the excessive sweating by reducing the quantity of bacteria found on the skin that causes the odor in the first place. The primary way medicated deodorants are able to do this is by altering the PH of your skin as bacteria need a certain PH to thrive. The only real drawback to deodorants is that they do nothing to actually stop underarm sweating permanently.

Antiperspirants contain other elements that prevent the sweating from occurring in the first place - usually aluminum and some other version of chloride. You can find non-prescription antiperspirants at any local drug store, grocery store or larger chain stores, however, prescription based antiperspirants are stronger and work more effectively. They are typically found as a solution or a gel, but not the sticks that we are accustomed to.

If you are searching for more permanent remedies for excessive sweating then you may want to investigate Iontophoresis machines. These are electronic battery powered devices that use electrical current to stop sweating in any area of the body. These devices work by sending out electrical currents directly to the sweat glands to disable their sweat production. It has an effective rate of 85% and you will need to apply 7-8 10-15 minute sessions for the first 6 months. After that, you will maintain the area by doing another session every 3-6 months as needed. These machines are extremely convenient as you can perform a session within just a few minutes and in the comfort of your own home. The downside, however, is that these machines can run a few hundred dollars in price.

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Reducing Hair Growth With Laser Hair Removal

Hair removal with laser treatments is done with a laser beam that emits light energy to reduce excessive hair growth and with the aim of eventually eliminating it completely. The laser's single-spectrum light produces heat in the melanin pigment in the hair shaft. Melanin is the substance that gives your hair and skin their color. The heat travels through the melanin to the hair follible, a tiny sac inside the skin that grows hair. As the follicle inflames from the laser, it goes dormant and stops hair growth. Laser hair removal can last months or it can last years, as long as a series of treatments are performed.

Lasers are considered medical devices and should only be operated by a doctor or a nurse with special training. Lasers produce a single-color beam of focused light energy that can be trained on a precise target, such as a single hair. The lasers used for hair removal are hand-held devices. There are also laser-like devices used in hair removal, such as intense pulsed light (IPL) systems. These instruments use light from more than one color along the color spectrum and direct it at their target in brief bursts. The choice of whether to use laser or IPL therapy for hair removal is best made by the treating physician.

Laser hair removal is a medical procedure because extensive training and experience is required to operate the laser device properly without harming the patient. The laser beam needs to be precisely controlled and directed at the target for just the right amount of time to keep from causing skin damage. Many laser hair removal instruments have built-in cooling devices to make sure all the light energy goes straight to the hair shaft and without harming the skin. Choosing an experienced medical provider is a must if you're having this procedure.

Laser hair removal is rumored to be painful. The truth is that, while the procedure isn't painless, the discomfort depends on many factors. These may include:

- The area of the body targeted for laser treatment. The more sensitive the skin, the higher the risk of some pain.

- The hair's color and texture. Thicker, darker hair can transfer heat to the surround skin area.

- Whether the treatment is the patient's first, or a later treatment in the process. The first treatment is almost always the most difficult.

- Whether the patient is sensitive to pain. Most patients opt to continue treatment despite any discomfort they experience.

At least three treatments are recommended for laser hair removal patients. A typical series of treatments consists of four to seven sessions, one every month to two months, to produce 80 percent elimination of hair from the treatment area. These figures may vary with individual patients, and once in a while an unlucky individual may find that he or she simply can't get lasting results from the therapy.

Follow-up appointments for maintenance are the norm if you want the hair reduction to last. These may take place once or twice a year, although the frequency varies depending on the patient's individual characteristics. If hirsutism or a medical condition is an issue, maintenance may be needed more frequently.

Patients with darker skin are more challenging to treat than those with light skin. This is because both the skin and hair get their color from a pigment called melanin. Laser hair removal works by heating the melanin in the hair shaft without heating the melanin in the skin, so if the skin is darker than the hair, it will heat up more quickly. Patients with darker skin may still be candidates for laser treatment, and as the technology progresses, these patients will become easier to treat. Selection of an experienced treatment professional is especially important in these cases.

The American Society of Plastic Surgeons lists a price of $429 as the cost of one hair treatment with laser when averaged on a national basis. This price will vary greatly depending on where you live, which clinic you go to, and which area of the body you wish to treat. Clinics are aware of the lack of insurance coverage for this procedure and will work with you to draw up a treatment and payment plan.

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Best Diet for Men - What's Working

Are you wondering what the best diet for men is? The answer you seek is super easy. It's the diet where you can get healthy and wealthy! This is the truth, there is weight loss and fitness diets where you can get healthy and earn money in the process but only a few know about it. Read on and I will show you how this can be you.

Everybody knows that when you are exercising, in order to get the most out of your work out, you must eat healthy too. The problem with that is some healthy foods aren't so tasty and can be very expensive especially in today's troubled economy. Though that can't stop you from getting all the valuable nutrition your body needs. What I'm about to tell you is that there are places where you can get a very healthy meal that is WAY cheaper than spending your money on junk food. For what you are spending on a double stacked cheeseburger that is toxic to your health, you could be enjoying a great tasting shake mix packed with every necessary vitamin and mineral your body craves for. Allot of people are doing it and you too can be spending a lot less money on eating delicious and healthy meals that gives your body the energy and puts your mind in a positive mood. Or you can settle for something unhealthy and probably expensive that is going to make your body feel really crummy? Now that's what I call a "No Brainer!" and what I believe is the best diet for men.

Another fact is that there are companies that will give you meal replacement for free. Yes, they want to prove that they have the best products that everybody will love and enjoy. They will let you have your meals for free just for telling others about it. When you let three of your friends know about these meal replacements that you've been using and your friends decide they want to get healthy with you too, you get your meals free. Through the companies eyes you are sending them more customers. For that, they will reward you. Through your eyes you are getting healthy for free and helping your friends and family do the same, plus everybody is saving money. Now that's what I call a "Win-Win-Situation" because everybody benefits from it. Speaking of saving money, did you know that those same companies will also give you a paycheck for sending them more than just a few customers? Yes, if sign up with them and are you are sending the company more than three people, you will be sent a check for each person you send them. It's so easy and many people are making money this way and many of them are generating enough cash to replace their jobs. That is why I say this is the best diet for men.

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Small and Trivial Things That Leave You Feeling Tired All Day

Why is do people worry so much whenever they feel tired? The reason for this is probably because they have been feeling tired all day. For many people, tiredness is just a common thing being experienced at the end of the day because of work. However, this is not the case for others. Some people out there feel tired from the moment they wake up in the morning up until they go to bed at night. This condition is not normal and can be caused by many things. In this article, we are going to discuss the small and trivial things that may be causing tiredness.

PILLOW - Did you know that having the wrong choice of pillow can make you feel tired? That's right! If you do not have a proper sleeping partner at night, it will be difficult for you to get good sleep and this will make you feel tired the next day. If your pillow is too soft, it may be a little bit uncomfortable for you to sleep because it feels like you do not have any pillow. If the pillow is too hard, it will be difficult to rest your head and it will leave you restless all night. Your pillow should not be too soft but still firm enough to hold its shape. Don't be afraid to try different types of pillow and choose that one that suits your best.

TV - Did you know that TV can make you relax but also tired at the same time? After working, a lot of people want to unwind first before sleeping and most of them do it by watching some of their favorite TV shows. Watching TV is a really relaxing pastime. However, watching too much TV especially before going to bed can make you tired because it can disrupt your natural sleeping routine. The light and radiation from the TV may deceive the brain into thinking that it is still day time. Because of this, you will not be able to sleep early. This will cause you to have shorter sleep especially if you have work the next day. Not having enough sleep is the primary cause of tiredness. What you can do is avoid watching too much TV at night. Limit your hours in front of the screen before you go to bed. This also goes the same for computers and other devices that emit light such as mobile phones and tablets.

ILLNESS - When you are sick, it is normal to feel tired all day. This is because the body does not have much energy left to do other activities as it is concentrating in fighting the viruses or bacteria that are causing your sickness. Illnesses such as common cold or fever make the immune system weak therefore the body does not have much resistance to these foreign bodies. As a result, the body's energy is pushed to limits in order to fight the viruses. This is the reason why you always want to sleep and just stay on the bed whenever you are sick.