Friday, September 16, 2011

Articles on Bullying

This article is about a recent law concerning bullying. This law makes it so teachers have to handle bullying. This law also makes what is considered bullying too broad. An example is that a student told another student he had cooties. The child was reported for what he said. A psychotherapist named Israel Kalman talks about why holding teachers responsible for handling bullying is wrong. The reason having a teacher handle bullying is bad is because kids won’t bully others in front of a teacher.
     I agree with what Israel Kalman said. Kids won’t bully each other in front of a teacher. Also, it is hard to catch a bully actually bullying someone. A recent study shows that bullying incidents happens in around 37 seconds. I agree with what Israel Kalman. Israel said that implying a lot of laws on bullying is not effective. What would be more effective is what Israel mentioned. Israel talked about teaching children social skills to prevent bullying instead. It is better to teach someone to prevent something than to protect them from it.

This article is about cyber bullying. This is about a new law that was past. This law made schools intervene with cyber bullying. This law also requires schools to report bullies. But this law also has a problem to it. The law is very vague and broad. What has to be reported is not very specific. The problem is that the law might violate the First Amendment. The First Amendment guarantees freedom of speech, which allows someone to say whatever they want to say. This law restricts what someone can say. 
     This law could be useful. It gives schools power to stop bullying. This law could put a stop to cyber bullying. Now, in a time where social networking sites, it is important that the Internet is safe. In the news, there have been reports of people committing suicide because of what someone said about them online. Know with this new law for schools, the Internet can be a safe place for students. This law can help make schools a better place. With these new policies, bullying could possibly be stopped.

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