Friday, February 10, 2012

Salon Air Purifiers - 5 Perks For Using Them

Salon air can become thick with fumes pretty quickly. And the worse part is the odor is tough to get rid of. Here are 5 really great benefits that can result from using an air purifier with the right stuff.

Removes Airborne Chemicals - Salon products have been giving off harsh smells for years. How many times have you walked down a street or a corridor in a mall and been able to smell the salon before seeing it?

Many products have moved to greener and more natural components, but many stylists and clients don't always feel the results are as good. So many of the latest procedures still emit harsh chemical fumes.

Being able to offer the latest procedures and not having to sacrifice the air quality is quite an advantage. Carbon based air cleaner with an additive to enhanced its capacity to remove chemicals is a must. And even though your shop may not come out smelling quite like a rose, it will be close.

Eases Client Concerns - Everyone has become more concerned about outdoor as well as the indoor air we breathe. The number of health conscious clients is increasing and that's a good thing! Being able to address health concerns by being proactive with an air cleaner can attract clients who would not otherwise risk the breathing hazards many salons pose.

Attracts And Keep Competent Staff - The number of nail salons continues to increase. There is almost one in every block, particularly in large and medium size cities. As a result, talented technicians have lots of choices about where they work and attract a following.

Being able to offer a work space that is attractive and healthy will put you miles ahead of the competition.

Control of Air Quality - If you lease the space where your shop is housed, you are often not in control of the heating and air conditioning, particularly if it is a large complex. Often the ventilation shuts off after a certain time each night and does not start again until the next morning.

This often means opening the door to yesterday's smells, and piling up more smells with the new day's procedures. With this lack of control, the air doesn't have a hope of getting or staying clean.

Having a portable unit that you can control is what's needed. It needs to able to operate safely 24 hours a day so that the chemical fumes are continuously removed from the air leaving it smelling fresh and clean whenever your door opens.

You Can Take It With You - Using a portable cleaner gives you maximum control over your air quality. When a particularly smelly procedure is happening, being able to roll the purifier closer means that the fumes are taken out faster and pollute the rest of your salon less.

A portable filter also means you control maintenance, and you can increase and decrease filtration speed as the day demands. And if you should move your salon around the corner or across the country, you have peace of mind knowing that healthy air in your salon is always as close as the nearest outlet.

Three Steps To Achieve The Best Body

Do you think you're in shape? What you don't know about your body may be hurting you and it's about time you find out now.

There's more to our body's well-being than just looking good. With staying fit come proper eating habits, lots of hydration and a generous helping of exercise. We deprived ourselves with real food thinking we are better off that way but, little do we know we are not doing ourselves a favor.

Basically, there are three things you need to figure out to ensure your optimum weight management. Whether this is an urgent effort to lose those extra pounds or jump-starting a long-term weight management plan, this will certainly a big help.

First and foremost, you have to know what type of metabolism you have. There are three kinds: Carb Type, Protein Type and Mixed. The Carb type metabolism are those people who have an inclination for food composing of refined sugar, simple carbohydrates and all its' other forms. Foods such as baked goods, white bread, sugary treats are some examples of this. The Protein type, on the other hand, tends to go more for rich and greasy food such as hamburgers, steaks and pizzas. They are the "meat eaters". The Mixed type is a combination of both metabolism kinds. Their diet comprise of an equal portion of what the Carb and Protein type binge on.

When you identify what type of metabolism you belong to, the next step is creating your meal plan. For Carb type people, it is best advised that they do not eradicate carbohydrates in their diet. It sets their metabolism off and will make it difficult for them to adhere to the new rules. The Protein type also entails a diet consisting of protein rich food, not to be done in extreme amounts; they must still remember that moderation is crucial. The Mixed type is the more complex of the three to manage. Since they can be able to eat both types of food, they must monitor their response to the type of food they take and what works and what doesn't.

Upon improvising the second step, the third step and most important one is choosing the best food. When a Carb type person is told to continue eating carbohydrates, certain considerations must be made. Low-fat proteins such as white meat poultry and fish should be eaten. A Carb type metabolism must also keep low on the dairy to avoid intolerance. The Protein type must avoid refined carbohydrates, fruits and fruit juices so as to avoid blood sugar fluctuations. The Mixed type metabolism must utilize a trial and error type of judgment in choosing the right food. They must identify which food give them long lasting energy compared to some food that will give a quick boost and will leave you hungry and asking for more.

Once you have mastered these three steps, you can identify, plan and implement these steps to your convenience. There's no use for crash diets and paying for food that claim to help you lose weight. The best way to lose weight is by simply being informed and having the discipline and patience. Follow these three basic steps and definitely, a great change will be unveiled.

Monday, December 26, 2011

Christmas Articles

I have written a number of Christmas and holiday related hubs lately on Hubpages and just wanted to share them all in one place!  I cover a number of aspects about the holidays from appetizers, to gifts, to movies and even photos.  

If you are looking for a healthy appetizer for a holiday get together, or even just a healthy snack try my recipe for stuffed celery.  A Healthy Holiday Appetizer: Stuffed Celery  

If you are low on cash but still looking for some ways to decorate this holiday season read my article on Holidays and a Recession: Low Budget Christmas Decorations  

Now that you have food and decorations taken care of, you need some gifts.  Instead of giving the usual high tech gift or a gift card why not try something a little more meaningful?  Why not Give a Gift of Nostalgia this Holiday Season!  

When wrapping those gifts from the past why don't you put on some great Christmas movies, find one from any category, comedy, drama from my list of The Best Christmas Movies by Category  

Finally don't forget to enjoy the season and taken in every moment you can check out some of my cool photos from Christmases past with Christmas Memories through Photos.

Friday, December 23, 2011

Find New Freedom With A Jogging Stroller

As a new parent, I found I had very little time to do much other than work, eat and deal with whatever sleep I could fit in. Our first little baby was really not very difficult looking back. But after the third in 5 years it's easy to say that. What I learned from the experience is that jogging is the first thing to go when you are sleep deprive and stressed out.

Jogging Strollers Can Bring Fitness Back

Let me share something with you. Although fitness is the first thing to go when we don't have time it should not be. We should all find time to exercise not matter what. I hear you laughing. It's also incredibly difficult when they are in the 6 month old range to either take them to the gym or jogging or anywhere else fitness related. Sure, some places have a daycare, but it's usually expensive.

A Jogging Stroller Is A Good Fitness Investment

Here's the solution. If you have a little one and you want to get out jogging, then buy a jogging stroller. It's a one time investment. Baby sitting is ongoing and can very quickly add up. A jogging stroller is a couple of hundred bucks. Mine was a little under three hundred for the single stroller I bought. Daycare at the gym can add up to much more than that in a few months.

A jogging stroller gives you an immense amount of freedom. Once your little one is able to sit up on their own, you can load them into your jogger without worry. You can then strap them in and hit the pavement.

You Can Regain Your Freedom And Your Shape

The first thing you lose when you stop jogging or exercising is your chiseled tone. When you are jogging daily, your muscles and skin keep taught and tight. After a few days of stopping, you find that you muscles don't swell after your workout. They start to adapt to your more sedentary routine. When your muscles are being worked, your skin doesn't stay as tight either.

You may also find you start to become fatigued more easily and lose energy. The path back to fitness and your shapely self is through your normal jogging routine. And the path back to your jogging routine with your little one is through a jogging stroller.

Sunday, December 11, 2011

Black Friday, this is from community carnival to me-first melee

Examples of people cocooning themselves more over the past 20 years are too numerous to list. But one apparent counter-example is Black Friday -- even if only for a day, aren't people out-and-about, strengthening social bonds by buying gifts for others?

For awhile I didn't have too good of a feel for what this day has been about. I've avoided shopping on Black Friday for a very long time because I sensed that it was degenerate, totally unlike the mall during Christmastime in the '80s when it felt more like a carnival, everyone feeding and feeding off of each other's high spirits. After a little reflection and a look through newspaper articles from the '90s through today, it turns out not to be a counter-example at all.

The vague image we're given in the media, or that we invent ourselves, is of people who are so intent on buying so many presents for so many people, that they can't get in the doors early enough or behave themselves well enough. The competition to get the best gifts for others has just become too chaotic.

In reality, hardly anyone goes out on this day to buy gifts for other people; at best it's an after-thought or rationalization. Rather, buying a handful of things for others has become an excuse to buy stuff for themselves at deals that will never show up the rest of the year. Estimates from the 2000s were that anywhere between 50-75% of people were buying things for themselves while Christmas shopping, and that the average person's self-indulgence accounted for nearly one-quarter of all dollars they spent (around $150 out of $650 total).

The first references to this practice of Christmastime "self-gifting" (how's that for Newspeak?) appear in 1993. This is right as the crime rate is turning around, causing society to shift from the tragic-romantic side of the spectrum to the trivial-efficient side. Already by the early 2000s, this gradual change has moved far enough so that newspapers regularly comment on the self-centeredness of Black Friday shoppers.

Saturday, December 10, 2011

What To Expect From Teeth Whitening Treatments

Teeth whitening services are becoming increasingly popular but there are still a number of myths surrounding the subject that need to be dispelled.

The first issue that many dental patients are concerned about is whether undergoing a whitening procedure will damage their tooth enamel and this is not true when the treatment is performed properly by professional dentists.

Trustworthy dentists will use safe levels of hydrogen peroxide to assist the whitening process because the chemical solution is the active ingredient in the gel which is applied to the teeth.

The use of hydrogen peroxide makes many people wonder whether teeth whitening is indeed safe or not and this is where it is appropriate to only trust dentists to perform the procedure.

Dentists will make certain that the hydrogen peroxide contained within the whitening gel is safely applied and not overtly exposed to the patient's gums or soft tissue of the mouth or lips.

Many people also wonder whether all teeth whitening gel is the same but this is not the case because there are some solutions which are available over the internet or in shops which contain varying levels of hydrogen peroxide.

Teeth whitening gel which contains a negligible amount of hydrogen peroxide will not produce noticeable results while if the levels of the chemical are too high, this can be potentially dangerous for the patient.

In order to make certain that your teeth whitening gel contains the correct level of hydrogen peroxide, it is important to have the procedure performed by a qualified dentist.

One of the main mistakes that people often make is that they expect that all teeth whitening results will be the same and every recipient will leave the dental practice with an identikit Hollywood smile but unfortunately this is not always the case.

Some people have unrealistic expectations when it comes to teeth whitening but the results often vary between each patient because there are a number of variables to take into consideration.

Results are often affected by the original condition of the teeth as an extremely stained smile which has been weathered by years of red wine and nicotine is unlikely to be shining bright after just one treatment.

Every person's smile is different thanks to the mineral composition contained within their individual teeth so the results are often dependent on genetics and some people are generally unlucky when it comes to their genes.

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Lymphedema Pumps

What is Lymphedema?

Lymphedema is a condition whereby the lymph fluid accumulates in the tissue or in the cavities of the body. Lymphedema normally takes place due to a blockage of some type that impedes the normal flow of lymphatic fluids. Lymphedema may be categorized in two ways, primary and secondary lymphedema.

The reasons for primary lymphedema are quite often unknown since there is no proven and specific etiology in most cases. The causative agents in secondary lymphedema can be multiple and diverse. It may be caused by removal of lymph channels by a specific disease process, or by a defect which was present at birth.

Without treatment, lymphedema can cause multiple other problems that must be resolved. Lymphedema can be problematic, often creating open areas or ulcerations on the body, or may preclude walking well due to swelling of the affected parts. Treatment is indicated when the swelling reaches a point that is causes discomfort or undesirably affects the body in some way, or as a preventive measure to preclude those effects.

What are Your Treatment Options for Lymphedema?

Treatment of lymphedema may take many forms. It can include compression hose, may require bandaging, or other means of compression. Medications may be used to help you to manage your lymphedema. It may even, in some very rare cases, be treated surgically.

The typical treatment will begin with oral medications, in combination with compression garments that will sometimes be effective in managing less severe cases of lymphedema. If those measures are not successful, more aggressive treatment of the condition will become necessary.

Most often, the treatment for lymphedema when other, lesser measures have failed will be the use of a lymphedema pump.

How Do Lymphedema Pumps Work?

Lymphedema can be managed quite well in many cases by the use of lymphedema pumps. They use as a methodology, the compression of the affected area. This is done by compressed air which is piped into a device which fits over the affected area. The rationale for the treatment is to push the edema into the more central area of the body where it may be uptaken by the lymph system.

In most cases, the device which is used on the body, known as a cuff, will be shaped as the arm or leg. Compressed air enters the cuff and puts pressure on the area. The compressed air may be used in one or two ways, depending on the device. In some lymphedema pumps, the pressure is constant and standard in every area on which the cuff lies. In other varieties of lymphedema pumps, the pressure on the affected area will be intermittent.